Tech Team Maturity Quickscans

Your SaaS venture’s success story begins with your tech team

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1. Intake interview

Providing the right actionable insights requires some focus on the primary questions at hand. In a session we will focus on the current situation of the business, the challenges and future goals.

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2. Output discovery & selection

Building software provides a lot of data & traces regarding maturity of a team. With the focus provided we will survey the tools used and the resulting output data. Quickly patterns will start to surface that ask for further analysis.

3. Follow up interview

The output often doesn’t tell the whole story and further analysis will raise questions. Using a follow up interview with an engineering lead allows us to come to a better understanding of strengths, weaknesses en resulting sort and longer term risks.

4. Analyse & report

We provide actionable insights that allow your team to close the gap between the the current practices and the desired goal. We provide you with a list of possible next steps for the teams growth trajectory. In a final presentation we deliver our findings followed by a Q&A.